8 Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Rowing Machine

Improving your physique doesn’t simply refer to losing or even gaining weight. Your health can be referenced to more than just your diet plan, specifically, the strength and durability of your muscle groups. To put things into more perspective, your workout regime shouldn’t simply include cardio exercises like running on a treadmill. A proper workout will not only help you gain a good weight level, but also build and tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular system, reduce your chances of catching any illnesses, and improve your stamina. A Rowing machine, similarly, achieves all of the above-mentioned benefits of a proper workout.

rowing machine

A rowing machine is a gym equipment used to recreate and practice the action of rowing a boat for the purpose of exercise. The process of using the rowing machine involves for particular steps:

Rowing Machine – Usage

  • The catch: the starting position, you hold on to the handle, attached to the chain, while in a upright sitting position.
  • The drive: you begin here by utilizing your legs alone to push against the pads at your feet as you keep extending them. as your knees straighten out, you need to lean your upper body backwards while slowly bending your arms.
  • The finish: here, you completely bend your elbows, to bring the handle closer to your abdomen, while bending slightly at your knees, so as not to put the weight onto them.
  • The recovery: extend your arms as your elbows straighten to bring your upper body forward again, bending your knees as you move back to your original position.

The benefits to performing such an intense workout on a particularly handy machine are numerous, and feature almost everything you’d like to work on at the gym. You can find them below:

Benefits Of Rowing Machine

  • Weight Loss: a vigorous and rapid workout, using a rowing machine can help burn calories a good rate, specifically speaking, Harvard Health suggests 377 calories are burnt in 30 minutes for an individual weighing 185 pounds, when performing a high intensity workout on the rowing machine.
  • Reducing Stress: according to studies conducted on cardiovascular workouts, performing such an activity increases the number of endorphins in your blood stream, while helping reduce stress and reduce the chances of falling into depression.
  • Heart Benefits: Aerobic exercises, especially those performed on this machine, help improve the health of your lungs, heart and circulatory system. A low-level tension on the rowing machine while maintain high speed and less resistance, allows this level aerobic exercise to be practiced.

Now that you understand just why you need to work out on the rowing machine, buying one needs to be specifically catered to your needs and desires, especially regarding your results. We’ve come up with 8 things you need to look out for when thinking about purchasing a rowing machine.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying Rowing Machine :-

1. Comfort.

To be able to correctly perform the workout regime on the rowing machine, your posture needs to be right. This cannot be achieved if the seats are uncomfortable and not catering to your height and weight. You can look into customer reviews, or even visit a few gyms to get an idea of certain types of rowing machines and which one, specifically, caters to your comfort levels.


Considering the fact that you’ll be performing your rowing activity in your own home, looking into the dimensions as well as some extra space, regarding your own arm length and so on, will be quite important when buying a rowing machine. If you have a small apartment, buying a foldable rowing machine, especially for storage space, can be wise.

3. Resistance

Certain types of rowing machines offer certain types of resistance:

  • Air/Fan Resistance: air flows through the flywheel in the front
  • Water Resistance: the flywheel is immersed in a water tank in the front
  • Magnetic resistance: offering fixed level of resistance, that can be adjusted through a lever
  • Hydraulic Resistance: adjusting the intensity of the workout through a hydraulic cylinder

4. Rower, Seat, and Sliding Track

These qualities of the rowing machine need to be durable and sustainable, especially when you will be sweating onto them. the length of the sliding track should be able to accommodate the length of your leg as well.

5. Monitor Controls

Most rowing machines come with monitors that can display your heart rate, calorie count, and even allow for preset programs. Depending on your own preference, you can choose one with an advanced monitor or a basic one.

6. Recognizable Brands

Familiar brand names like Concept2, Stamina and WaterRower are the ultimate go-to for efficient and proper equipment as well as key features. But keeping track of new and current technological trends can also include new brands and material. Speaking to a gym trainer or consultant can help you get a better idea of what brand you should look into purchasing.

7. Price Range

Like any other product, the best rowing machines will cost you a higher rate in your budgeting price range. But you can even purchase excellent quality machines, with everything you might need for regular use, at a decent enough price range as well.

8. Warranty

Most rowing machines, when purchased, will include a warranty of one year and labor warranty. With higher quality products, you might even get a warranty of two to three years.


To conclude, buying a rowing machine will help you in the long run, especially when looking into improving your daily health levels as well as muscle strength and durability. In turn, there are certain aspects of buying a machine that need to be looked into before you go through with it. Once you have understood the underlying importance of these qualities, you will definitely be able to buy a rowing machine that caters to your specific needs while being efficient enough to provide you with good results.

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