The Benefits of a Spinning Workout – Everything you need to know!

Indoor cycling, more commonly known as ‘Spinning’, is a far more intensive workout compared to outdoor cycling as well as several other cardio exercises. To get a better understanding of this, spinning classes typically last for 30-75 minutes, with varying levels of intensity regarding your position (sitting or standing), pedal speed, and resistance, coached by the instructor. If you don’t have a spin bike yet, check out these recommendations for the best spin bikes by our experts.

Spinning Bike Workout

As long as the tempo is kept, and legs keep spinning, blood keeps pumping through your body. Including the tempo and upbeat melody of the music playing constantly throughout the workout, as well as the energetic instructor’s motivating phrases, it’s easily the most productive as well as enjoyable exercise experiences you can practice.

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Notable benefits of Spinning bike workout

Considering the intensity, there are reasons why people still choose to practice this form of cardio training over the rest, such as:

1. Burn Calories.

As Dr. Maureen Brogan proclaims, “The muscles you use on a spinning bike, the gluteus maximus and the quadriceps, are some of the largest in your body, so you’re using a lot of energy,” resulting in burning 600 or more calories in an hour. Technically, you work your core, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings, making it the perfect exercise to lose fat in your thighs, belly, and hips. But, there are some routines among spinning studios, that practice upper-body workouts like utilizing resistance bands while pedaling.

2. A Healthy Heart.

A Swedish study found a high level of chemicals associated with heart stress in the blood stream after an hour long spinning workout. This is actually a good sign, improving the endurance and strength of the heart by ‘exercising’ it. Study author Dr. Smita Dutta Roy of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden observed that the intensity of the training could lead to blood vessel repair and renewal.

3. Comparatively, fewer injuries.

If performed correctly, your hips, knees and ankle joints will remain as injury-free as possible. As you circulate your feet, its flexes and relaxes in proper tandem, making it a safer alternative to outdoor cycling, jogging, walking, etc. for your joints. A low impact activity, it’s a good starter exercise for when you’ve just finished recovering from any previous injury as well.

4. An Enjoyable Tempo

Several spinning classes are performed with music, and sometimes even including disco lights. You can make your session as enjoyable as possible by participating with an authentic and vibrant group. Marc Leman and colleagues at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music and Ghent University saw how the music affected the walking pace of young adults they were listening to, and sure enough, all of them walked in tandem with the pace of the song. Therefore, a fast-paced song is more likely to result in fast-paced exercise.

5. Build Lean Muscle Tone

As you burn calories, the intense workout also helps you get fitter. When pedaling against resistance, you’re building your muscle definition, especially in the four above mentioned muscles around your thighs and buttock. Additionally, it also improves your endurance and strength, making daily activities much easier to pass through as well, i.e. carrying your shopping bags up to your 3rd floor apartment will be easier.

6. Six-pack

You’re working your core muscles, therefore, there’s no surprise that you’ll end up improving your abdominal structure as well, toning it enough to display a six pack. When performed in a correct posture, you’ll be working the right muscles to bring this out. Scientists in the Département de Mécanique Appliquée at the Université de Franche-Comté saw a significant impact in muscle activity based on the posture a cyclist would choose to practice, especially in the core abdominal muscles, concluding in your core being activated to help stabilize your pelvis.

7. Tracking your Progress

Most mechanical bikes utilized for such activities include devices that track your pulse rate as well as your mileage, showing you quantitative data regarding your performance. Observing an improvement among such data can help motivate you to keep going and increase your competitive streak to better yourself.

8. Team Spirit

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals as you pedal forward helps you share the adrenaline and excitement that you’re feeling, improving your performance on the way as well. It’s all of you against the bikes, and as you enjoy the instructor, the music, and the lights, adding in a motivating crowd enhances the improvement as well.

9. A Euphoric End

With exercising itself having been understood to help you relieve stress, a motivating community as well as an encouraging tune in the background as you pedal it out, this activity leaves you in a euphoric state. Considering how highly intensive this activity is as well, your body will be filled with endorphins and feel-good neurotransmitters, coursing through your system for a few hours long, even providing you with a good night’s sleep, the best even.

10. Improved Mental Strength.

Spinning can help improve your mental self-discipline, making you hard-pressed to push through the entire 30-75-minute-long workout. Pushing through the endurance training will also help you improve your willpower, with the varying exercises helping you understand the importance of time-management.

11. Classes and At-Home Practices

If you’re one to prefer doing spinning at your own home, purchasing a spinning cycle is simple now, as they’re readily available in every possible store. But if you’re one for classes, almost every gym offers a spinning class designed to include individuals of all ages, gender, etc.

12. Practiced Year-Round

Compared to most similar high-intensity activities like jogging, outdoor cycling, etc. you can practice this activity all year round seeing the convenient indoor aspect of it.

13. Boosts your Immune System.

Seeing how this is a cardio exercise, engaging in this activity provides you with enough benefits compared to the amount of time invested in it. Research suggests that such intense workouts boost the number of immune system cells being circulated through your blood. However temporary, regular exercise can help your body get rid of any bacteria or virus present in your blood stream.

14. Improves Stamina.

As you keep track of your mileage and pulse rate on the devices in the machine, you’ll see an improvement in your data as you keep on practicing. This is proof of your stamina increasing. Try running a few months after you begin spinning, you’ll see how far you can run compared to when you’d just begun spinning classes, additionally, your breath coming out regularly compared to the gasps a few months before.

15. Improves Longevity.

Seeing how it improves your blood circulation and breathing structure, the health of your heart and lungs is enhanced as well. Additionally, elderly individuals can also practice this workout considering it’s low-risk level in injuring your joints and it is a low impact sport. A study of around 20,000 people in Denmark highlighted the effect of exercise on longevity, with those exercising regularly living, on average, 6 years longer than those who didn’t perform any intensive activities. Helping even with disease reduction, improving your fitness level from being unfit to moderately fit, at the very least, can significantly improve your lifespan as well.

In conclusion, Spinning can have several benefits to your lifestyle, health, physique and even your mental well-being. So why don’t you pick up your phone here and now to give yourself a trial class in spinning at your nearest gym?

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