6 Best Trekking Poles Reviews – Do NOT buy before reading this!

If you are an avid trekker and happen to love exploring, you know how important it is to have a good trekking pole.

Finding the right trekking pole is not easy as it seems and with dozens of businesses racking up the shelves with poles at varying price points – it gets extremely confusing when you are out to buy one.

Best Trekking Poles Our Top Picks!

Top-End Pick – JESBAN VOROSY 2-Pack

The JESBAN VOROSY trekking poles offer best in class adjustability ranging from 24” to 52” utilizing a very efficient flip lock system. The very comfortable handles have foam coating, allowing you to grip the poles very easily.

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Low-Budget Pick – Montem Ultra Strong

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are extremely lightweight and are meant for all-season use. You can use them in both on-trail and off-trail hikes and the three piece aluminum shafts allow for a massive amount of weight reduction.

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We personally tested some of the top trekking poles available right now and have put together a compilation of 6 trekking poles that will probably suit your needs very well. We browsed through every popular brand on the planet, from new age start-ups to tried and tested brands that have been in business forever to bring you nothing but the very best.

Our team has reviewed hundreds of the best trekking poles available in the market. Let’s jump on to the review of individual trekking pole:

#1JESBAN VOROSY 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The JESBAN VOROSY trekking poles offer best in class adjustability ranging from 24” to 52” utilizing a very efficient flip lock system. The very comfortable handles have foam coating, allowing you to grip the poles very easily. Each of the trekking poles come with anti-slip hand straps that allow better gripping and steel tips to trek on any terrain.
The construction of the trekking poles consists of 80% carbon fiber which weighs 0.45 lb each. They poles are very light and sturdy and are suitable for most shapes. The EVA foam grips feel extremely delicate to touch and trekking with them is a charm. While a lot of seasoned hikers might prefer cork handles, these do the job really well and they felt very comfortable. The sweat-absorbing nature of the handles makes it very convenient to use them for long periods of time without ending up with slippery hands. The poles also come with snow disks in case you want to trek on soft surfaces.

The flip lock system of the poles is not very easy to get accustomed to and you need to check out the adjustment mechanism and screws to know what the perfect amount of tension required. The poles feel very durable and even with body pressure being applied on them, they hold up without bending. The surface grip works particularly well even on wet areas and muddy patches.

These trekking poles are ideal entry level products that serve most people’s needs. They are quite affordable and durable at the same time due to the carbon fiber construction and are definitely worth considering if you are out looking for trekking poles on a budget.

Why Best

  • 80% Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Super Lightweight at 0.44lb each
  • Attachable snow disks
  • Tungsten Tips for uneven surfaces

  • Lacks 100% carbon fiber construction unlike some competing products, but the 80% carbon fiber alloy is just as light and should not be a concern at all.

#2 Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are extremely lightweight and are meant for all-season use. You can use them in both on-trail and off-trail hikes and the three piece aluminum shafts allow for a massive amount of weight reduction without affecting the poles’ tensile strength. Montem claims the aluminum used in the trekking poles is the same material that is used in airplanes and after trying the poles out ourselves, we definitely feel these are some of the sturdiest trekking poles we have ever laid our hands on. They are capable of supporting up to 350 lbs of weight and the length adjustment options allow you to customize your trekking experience just the way you want.

The locking mechanism is very efficient and the poles feature advanced grips to ensure you are able to maintain your stride even on uneven terrain. The aluminum alloy 7075 construction feels top notch and each pole weighs just 9.6 ounces, making them perfect companions for people of all ages and needs. Even though the grips are designed to be sturdy, they feel very comfortable when you hold them thanks to the EVA foam. The comfortable padding is really good at keeping your hands dry despite hours of trekking.

The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles come in 5 color variants and are really great for anyone who is looking for competitive entry level trekking poles in the market. The poles have everything you would expect from a long term investment and the wide pool of features combined with the stellar build quality conform to how good Montem is at making top quality trekking products.

Why Best

  • Adjustable Bolts
  • Quick Height Adjustment
  • Aluminum 7075 construction
  • Ultralight weight at 9.6 ounces each

  • Does not come with carbon fiber construction, but utilizes airplane grade aluminum which is almost as light as its carbon fiber counterparts.

#3 High Trek Trekking Poles

The High Trek Trekking Poles offer adjustment levels ranging from 26” to 53” thanks to the Twist Lock mechanism. It allows you to quickly adjust the poles while also preventing any kind of accidental retraction. The poles come with attachable mud and snow feet that prevent the poles from being unusable in softer surfaces. The poles are collapsible and weight only 11 ounces each.

The massive adjustable length makes the product suitable for both men and women. The high-quality airplane grade 7075 aluminum allows the poles to be extremely durable and have very high tensile strength. The handles are made of plastic for durability reasons and they do not have the foam grips that you would normally find. While other materials for the grip would have been more comfortable, the plastic grips allow for better durability. The poles also come with adjustable wrist straps with foam grips to help you carry around the trekking poles when you do not need to use them.

The trekking poles perform admirably and they definitely serve the purpose of anyone looking for entry level equipment to get started as well as seasoned trekkers. The high-quality poles survived our tests quite well and little nifty features like the twist lock mechanism and adjustable lengths make the trekking poles really handy for trekkers of any kind.

Why Best

  • Airplane grade aluminum 7075 construction
  • EVA foam grips offer all day comfort
  • Sweat absorption mechanism keeps hands dry
  • Adjustable telescopic heights for the perfect hiking experience

  • Lacks carbon fiber construction which is marginally lighter than aluminum

#4 Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles


The Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking poles are perfect for anyone who loves to hike, backpack or simply go on adventure travels. The poles are among the strongest and lightest available in the market at the moment and they are made of 100% carbon fiber. While they cost a tad more than entry level poles that you would find, they offer a lot of features that you would not find at a lower price point.

The poles come with 3 section construction and adjustment mechanisms to tune the length of the poles to your requirements and keep them locked at that length. The flick lock system works like a charm and you can adjust your poles in a matter of seconds. The carbon construction is something that you won’t find in most entry level poles since they rely on aluminum construction. You will find trekking baskets included with the poles and a wide range of replacement tips of different materials that you can choose depending on where you’re going to trek or hike. The length of the poles can be taken from anywhere between 24” to 54”, making them perfect for both men and women.

The carbon construction makes the poles feel extremely sturdy and durable and it’s unlikely that they will snap or break under pressure. The adjustable wrist strap makes it very easy to carry it around when you’re not using them. The grips on the poles are very comfortable and we had no trouble handling them even after testing them through hours of trekking. Even in hot conditions, the poles manage to stay comfortable and dry thanks to the sweat absorbing material on the grips. Overall, these poles are perfect for people who love going on adventures and you should definitely grab them if you are looking for a good pair of mid range trekking poles.

Why Best

  • 100% Carbon Fiber construction
  • Lightweight construction – 7.6 ounces per pole
  • Collapsible design for easy transportation
  • Comfortable EVA grips

  • Price point not suitable for entry level buyers, aimed at seasoned trekkers

#5 Black Diamond Pro Shock Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Pro Shock Trekking Poles are designed for all season trekking and offer a ton of customization features to fine tune your trekking experience. The three piece construction comes with lightweight materials (aluminum) that allow the poles to have a reduced weight without sacrificing strength in any way. The great clamping force on the poles is something we were pleasantly surprised by as the poles manage to stay in place even with a lot of body pressure being applied on them. The Control Shock Technology in place does the job quite well, allowing you to trek continuously without allowing your upper body to succumb to any kind of shocks from climbing.

The aluminum alloy is extremely durable and despite the rough and tough appearances of the poles, they are extremely soft to hold thanks to the foam dual-density foam grips that allow you to trek for hours. The grips have patented sweat absorption mechanisms to keep your hands dry even in humid conditions. The poles can be adjusted from 27” to 55” and they come with a flick lock mechanism to change lengths at will in a matter of seconds.

These Black Diamond poles are definitely not meant for people looking for beginner level trekking poles and they happen to be targeted at seasoned trekkers. If you are looking for high-end trekking poles then these are just the right trekking companions for you.

Why Best

  • Dual-density grips
  • Nonslip foam extensions
  • Flick Lock mechanism for easy adjustments
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Assorted attachments and accessories

  • The wide range of attachments and accessories that accompany the poles might not be of any use for beginner trekkers

#6 Montem Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Montem has been doing really well when it comes to putting out great outdoor gear for the masses and these carbon fiber trekking poles are no different. They are perfect for mountaineering, snowshoeing, adventure travels – you name it! The three-piece, ultra light construction that is synonymous with many other Montem Trekking Poles makes a comeback yet again in their mid-range lineup of carbon fiber poles.

These high-quality poles come equipped with tungsten carbide tips that offer best in class traction on almost any surface. We took our tests to the extreme and no matter what surfaces we threw at the poles, they managed to fare really well with top-notch traction and narrow diameter shafts that allow you to balance perfectly and trek with ease.

The poles can be adjusted from 24” to 53” and the length adjustment systems are very efficient to use. The poles are made of 100% carbon fiber, making them some of the lightest poles at this price point. The grips are extremely sturdy and comfortable at the same time and the EVA foam grips from a small area on each pole to allow comfortable handling. Each of the poles weighs 7.6 ounces each which is quite impressive, to say the least. We have tried out the poles in muddy conditions and they held up pretty well without showing any signs of slipping. The extra durable tips definitely prove their worth and overall, they definitely meet the needs of anyone looking for a long term hiking pole.

The mid-range price point and an assorted set of accessories that come with the poles make for a great package. You should definitely consider them if you are a regular trekker who needs a good pair of trekking poles.

Why Best

  • Carbon Fiber construction (100%)
  • Anti-shock mechanisms
  • Ultra light poles weighing 7.6 ounces each
  • Adjustable bolts for easy customization

  • Nylon straps instead of foam based materials which tend to be marginally softer

How to choose the best trekking pole?

Some of the most important factors that affect our purchase decisions when it comes to buying trekking poles include:

  • Comfort: You want to have a comfortable trekking experience and having a comfortable grip to hold onto is an absolute must. No matter how durable and tough your pole is, in the end, it all comes down to the ease of use for long periods of time.
  • Locking Mechanism: Having a very reliable locking mechanism is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to choosing the right trekking pole. Adjustability and locking mechanisms need to be on point to make a perfect trekker’s companion. You want a compact trekking pole that can be carried around very easily when you are not using it and proper locking mechanisms that hold the pole in place during your treks.
  • Weight: Finding the right balance between comfort and weight is quite difficult when it comes to trekking poles. You want a trekking pole that is lightweight and durable at the same time. Carbon fiber poles generally offer both and are also on the affordable side of the pricing spectrum.


We hope our reviews help you choose the right trekking poles for your next adventure. Keep in mind that you want to go for trekking poles that have the best adjustment mechanisms and products that focus on ease of use. You should be able to easily adjust your trekking poles based on your needs and carry on with your adventures instead of spending a ton of time trying to set it up.

Comfort is also something that should be high up on your list your priorities and all of the above products have you covered with really good grips and soft materials to keep you comfortable even if you go on long trips.

You do not necessarily want to go for the most expensive trekking poles that you find because they might include a ton of features that you will never need and you should try to find the right mix of features you need within your budget to get the best possible trekking poles you can find!

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