Some Common Rowing Machine Mistakes You Have Been Committing and Need to be Fixed

Simply buying a fitness machine doesn’t make you completely healthy and fit. Obviously, you must use them in regular intervals, according to how it’s prescribed by your trainer, physician or an experienced friend. You cannot even blame the machine for its insufficiency if you haven’t been exercising for a particular period of time. Furthermore, you should be using the fitness machine in the PROPER way. It’s a bit hard to understand what is proper and what is not, but we’ll simplify things a bit. There are some common mistakes people do commit when it comes to fitness machines, especially something like indoor rowing machines.

Rowing Machine Mistakes

Apparently, rowing machines users are prone to these mistakes. According to a small survey we conducted, most of newbie users commit mistakes while using rowing machines. Because they start their journey from a somewhat wrong perspective, the whole effort becomes ineffective too. To prevent all these, you can take some precautions. In this article, we have listed out some common rowing machine mistakes and some ways to overcome those issues. That is, if you are planning to start indoor rowing, you should read this. That way, you can make sure that you are using indoor rowing machines in the rightest manner.

Shall we start, for the sake of rowing in the right way?

Mistake #1 — You Care for Speed and Not Power

This is something common among indoor rowing newbies. Despite knowing the basic working process of one machine, people have a tendency to focus on speed. That is, they will be trying to row with more and more speed, and not power. Quite sadly, we have seen this trend among some experienced rowers too. Needless to say, this trend isn’t good for the effectiveness of rowing workouts.

The Fix

The next time you are rowing, you need to give more importance to the power of rowing rather than speed. When you make a stroke, its impact should reflect on almost all parts of your body. That’s what we’d expect from a rowing machine when we call it an optimal solution for all-body fitness. At the least, you must give equal importance to both speed and power.

Mistake #2 — You Expect Quick Results and Familiarity

You might have been rowing for just two days but you are looking for instant results. This is a common thing that inexperienced indoor rowers always say, especially the ones who start rowing for fitness purposes. We have even seen people who rowed for a month or so and started complaining about the lack of results. They also complained that they can’t get used to indoor rowing so easily.

The Fix

The first thing is to understand that indoor rowing is a time-taking process. It may take weeks or months, as per the schedule you are following. It also matters the level of resistance and other difficulty aspects to really understand how quickly you can start becoming fit. Before rowing, it’s good to talk to someone who used rowing machines for the same purpose of yours.

Mistake #3 — You Don’t Care for Your Breath

We have seen this not-so-healthy trend among starters. Driven by the uncontrolled zeal to lose weight or a few other needs, people go for unorganized workout modes. In most cases, they don’t give a darn about the amount of breath they are getting. This is a serious mistake and by the end of some rowing period, you can have some serious health issues.

The Fix

As far as your breathing is concerned, you should have a plan while rowing. As you make your drive back, it is advised to exhale air through your mouth. Likewise, when you are relaxing after the drive, you can inhale through your nose. It may change accordingly but the important thing is to keep breathing while you row. It will be helpful in maintaining proper circulation and enhancing your comfort.

Mistake #4 — You’re Not Using the Comfort-Oriented Features

If we take a look at the most popular rowing machines out there, you can spot one thing: some cool features for comfort. However, when we asked some newbie rowers, they weren’t really making use of those features in a long-term mode. The results were quite evident too: they had to keep rowing without having an enough level of comfort.

The Fix

Educating yourself is the first part: doing some exercise doesn’t mean that you should leave behind comfort. In fact, rowing machine developers are trying their best to provide better results even while ensuring state-of-the-art comfort features. So, before you get into hardcore rowing, make sure that you use each and every comfort-oriented feature that your machine has. There will be a lot if you bought one of the best machines.

Mistake #5 — You Actually Forget to Do Warm-Up Sessions

We have seen people who completely focus onto indoor rowing and nothing else. It’s okay if you are rowing for fun, but when it comes to the fitness aspect, you can have more harm than good. It’s a huge mistake to make rowing the only kind of exercise that you do at a time. If you ask someone with professional expertise, they’d take no time to condemn this trend.

The Fix

The idea is to never leave the rest of the gym. For those who still don’t get it, fitness is the result when you’d start complementing different kinds of exercises. Just because you are focusing on indoor rowing machines doesn’t mean you mustn’t be checking out other modes of exercise. At least for the sake of warm-up session, you can try some push-ups or jogging — of course if your health allows you to do so.

Let’s Wrap Up

The 5 mistakes and fixes we’ve covered above will surely help you get your indoor rowing right. If you think you’re a newbie, you should go through the fixes quite thoroughly. That way, you can confirm that you use the machine in an effective manner. There are some other issues too, such as over-dependency on the upper part of body and ineffective sitting positions. But, make sure you don’t repeat the above-mentioned mistakes and you’d have the best results from rowing.


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