5 Of The Most Common Spin Bike Mistakes

There can be a situation that the spin classes become intense. You might try to keep up with the atmosphere i.e. kind of showoff you might hurt yourself. You might not be doing it intentionally just trying to cope up with the spin atmosphere but unwillingly you might get hurt. So to avoid any kind of such situation and to be safe in all kind of situations do follow the steps mentioned below and stay safe and healthy.

#1 Set of the cycle kept too low or too high

The pain can be felt later when the knees are bent constantly. When the seats are kept low the total pressure of the body is on the knee joints and that creates problems later. Because of the pressure the workout sessions also changes. The quadriceps work harder and the pain in the muscles are seen. Even there is muscle fatigue after few strokes of cycling. The power required to be generated to feel the motion that is required is not at all achieved. So overall the harder workout session is useless if it is not done properly. The best way to correct the position and to get the max out of the exercise is to keep the cycle seat at the hipbone height. Then the pressure is not only on the joints but goes into all the legs. It is very important to make sure that the legs should reach the bottom of peddling with the knees slightly bent and the foot being flat. Even if the peddle kept too high then legs won’t reach the bottom fully and the excessive stretching requires causing unnecessary pain.

#2 Hunching over handle

You might be working too hard but unable to achieve the desired results. You going too fast and might have experienced that your shoulder has been creeped out like ears and the spine is bent like the letter C. This is very bad for the health. You will be having the back pain that is obvious but along with that, you won’t be able to workout at your core strength as you unable to push yourself to the limits that you are capable of. The perfect posture is to lengthen your spine straight, keep the shoulders back and lift your ribs keep the upper body lean towards the handlebars. The handle should be adjusted in such a way that the elbow should be kept slightly bend in the handlebars and with the straight back. Make sure to exercise near a mirror to keep a good look at your posture so that you yourself can rectify your posture.

#3 Pushing body too much or not at all working

It is always good to exercise but everything has limits. If you do too much of everything it is not good for the body. Going to the gym and cycling for about an hour in a single day is not enough. Keep your time fixed and do it till it hurts little to push yourself not too much that will hurt later. The neck is very delicate part of the body and while we are doing exercise in the cycle the pressure is mainly in the spine which hurts the neck. Even doing too much can give unnecessary strain to the muscles and leads to fatigue. So it is always prescribed to do exercise but in limits. Increase the workout session slowly and gradually not in a single day.

There are also people who pretend to work hard and after a little strain in the body parts they give up that should not be the case. You need to keep the body in motion for certain time and then release else peddling slowly or just being a lazy couth won’t help at all.

#4 Holding the breath

The most important part of the workout is breathing. If you can’t control your breath you can’t control your body. Maintaining a proper breathing mechanism is very important to get the desired result. There can be a situation where you are trying to push yourself but not get the proper result that is because of the lack of proper breathing. Breathing controls the oxygen levels of the body and lets people push one to the extreme condition that is required for the expected results. Even the muscles breath properly and there is no situation of fatigue.

#5 Lifting weights in while cycling

Cross working is a very common approach in most of the cycling studios and it is effective in many situations. But Until the time you are not well experiences doing such type of workout is very dangerous and leads to slip disk. If once injured then the workout needs to be compromised for a lifetime. So it is very important to do one exercise at once. Until the time you didn’t become a pro in doing cycling properly and lifting weights also simultaneously cross working should be avoided. It should also be noted that if you are doing cross-platform exercise the weights used should not exceed 3pounds. If done in excess result won’t be good, it can be worse.

So we have seen the adverse effects of the cycling that can happen only if you do mistakes that are mentioned above. So do keep in mind all the points and work properly whenever doing the workout on spin bikes. It is also very important to have a proper trainer and take guidance whenever required.

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