A Complete Elliptical Machine How-To Buy Guide

By now, you might have found enough reasons to purchase an elliptical machine. These machines are noted for many factors, such as the full-body impact, all-time support for your joints and the maximum output, in the long run. As you might know, the circular — specifically speaking, elliptical — motion created when you work out is way better than walking or jogging. It’s the same reason why people who have issues with joints prefer using an elliptical machine to real-life walking, jogging or even treadmills. Cut the story short, almost every fitness enthusiast will have at least one reason to use an elliptical machine.

This doesn’t mean that you can go ahead and purchase any of the machines from market. Even when you’re clear about your purpose, there are a few decision-making factors. In case if you didn’t know, we had seen a notable increase of elliptical machine developers as well as various types. Chances are, if you are not really determined about the product, you’ll be left in a limbo of abundance of choice. So, here, we have created a brief yet complete guide on how to find and purchase the best elliptical machine for your fitness needs. We have tried our best to include all the suggestions we’d found useful while we bought a machine.

We’ve approached this entire guide from the practical point of view. That is, instead of focusing on the techy aspects, we’ll talk about how you can find the best elliptical machine. Then, we would also have some buying tips. Shall we start?

#1 Choosing the Machine According to Space Allocation and Design Preferences

Elliptical machines come in various sizes and designs. It’s a good thing, because, you can choose the best one according to your space constraints, if any. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, you can also have a machine with foldable design. However, at some point or another, you may have to compromise some features. Take the case of the flywheel type for instance: you cannot find the same level of compactness in rear-drive, front-drive and center-drive flywheel designs. If you are more comfortable in rear-drive elliptical machine, it makes sense to compromise the aspect of compactness. A feature you can look in the compactness area is its transport wheels. If you want to move the machine within your room or house, these wheels will help.

#2 Ergonomics and Comfort Matter Most; Try It Before You Buy It

Try-it-before-you-buy-it is a common moto for purchasing almost all products. In case of an elliptical, it has become more of a necessity. When you are working out using an elliptical machine, your entire body will be enclosed in the system, you know. It’s something different when compared to the working process of tools like treadmill. Because of this somewhat-constrained design, you should give more importance to the total ergonomics of the elliptical trainer. When you’re on the machine, the posture should be comfortable and it is advisable not to strain your muscles and joints when you’re in free form. Obviously, there will be options to optimize the elliptical task, but the basics should be set in the right way. So, it’s must to try before buying.

#3 Choosing the Right Type of Resistance and Flywheel Tech

As we said, there are different types of elliptical machines, based on flywheel technology in use and the type of resistance you get. Eddy Current break systems are always recommended when you need the best results; in this system, magnets are used for creating resistance, which accounts for the effort that you spend in the elliptical activity. Depending on the console, you will be able to adjust the elliptical resistance in a few taps or clicks. It needs to be noted that it’s advised to follow a gradual increase of resistance, instead of jumping directly into higher levels. Along with these, you can consider the drive system in use, weight and design of the flywheel etc.

#4 Console and Connectivity Options

Provided that you’re going for a popular elliptical machine, there’d be a console that shows abundant data about the machine’s and your state. For instance, you can see the selected resistance and the type of work-out you have chosen. Before you move onto the high-tech features, it makes sense to ensure the ergonomics of the console. That is, you must be able to keep an eye on the console — especially if you have some targets in entertainment — while doing the elliptical workout. Also, it’s good to see if there are some extra ways of connectivity, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you need features like music playback, media consumption or say an advanced system analysis, you can use these connectivity options to sync your Android/iOS device.

#5 Types of Elliptical Workouts to Choose From

You’re not going to follow the same workout in the elliptical machine during all the time, are you? If you do so, the whole process can become boring and non-healthy. Also, different workouts are recommended for different fitness goals too. Some of the common workout programs that we find in elliptical machines are Manual, Hill Climb, Long Slow Distance and Heart-Rate Target. Some of them are meant for weight loss while others can enhance your own stamina. If you have used elliptical machines before, you’ll also have a favorite / comfortable workout too. Before you purchase the machine, make sure that you’ll have enough types of such workout modes inside.

#6 Heart-Rate Monitors and Safety Features

Depending on the budget range, an elliptical machine may have different levels of safety features. It’s superb if you can keep the machine away from children and people who aren’t really familiar with them. It will help a lot if you have customized the workout programs already. Another feature of concern is the in-built heart-rate monitor. Regularly monitoring the heart-rate while working out will give you a realistic representation of the impact. It also gives you a clear-cut idea about your cardiac health. So, if you can afford, you should surely go for the heart-rate monitor, however un-advanced it may be.

Summing up, these sections should help you buy the best elliptical machine from the market. We do believe that you’re conscious enough to make the purchase from a trusted brand, which also offers service and warranty. If these things are set right, you’ll surely have an awesome elliptical trainer experience

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