Inversion Table Workout Guide For Absolute Beginners!

inversion-tableExercising comes with its own fascination, especially when considering improving your bone structure, especially one of the most sensitive aspect of your body: your spine. Chronic back pain is a common injury, persisting for around 12 weeks and up, making it hard to perform daily activities. Exercising, or even working at it at the gym, can help you improve your flow of energy and blood throughout the system.

An inversion table is just that. It’s a drug-free healthy alternative to improving your back issues, or simply strengthening it to protect it in the long run. It’s supposed to be eliminating the pain itself permanently, not just a temporary reliever.

If you’ve ever seen an inversion table you’ve probably found it to be one of the craziest exercises there could possibly be. With most people displayed hanging upside down in that contraption, healing your back, or even simple exercise seems impossible to imagine off the monstrous machine. But when really looked into, the science behind these machines make complete sense. Standing upright, during regular activities, gravity put s enough weight on your joints, as well as your spinal cord, especially if you’re one to practice the wrong postures. This constant pressure can affect your back, specifically the discs in your spine, while injuring the surrounding muscles as well.

Similarly, when you inverse your body, you’re technically changing the pull of gravity against your body, strengthening your joints to take up the pressure being allocated to them through said gravitational pull.

Along with the above-mentioned benefit, there are much more additional advantages that can be procured through laying down on this machine.

  • Improved blood flow throughout the body, specifically as you position your body in an inverse position on the machine. This improved flow occurs as you make delivering impure blood back to your heart an easier task than it normally is, helping your heart by reducing the added stress it generally goes through.
  • Your spinal cord gets the lubrication it requires to maintain itself, while blood surrounds it to repair the tissues and cartilages present.
  • Similarly, your joints receive lubrication as well, improving their health, durability, and strength, while being provided with nutrients that they normally don’t get access to.

Now that the benefits are all understood, getting to use an inversion table to procure all of these advantages requires you to particularly follow a certain procedure that is laid out to help guide you through the process of using this contraption.

  1. Before you begin, it’s always wise to check up on all your equipment, just to make sure that everything is firm enough to endure your added weight. Doing this every time you use the table is a good practice, especially since one simple accident could cost you a lot.
  2. Some other factors to take into account before you begin, among them adjusting the table is quite possibly one of the main aspects. You need to make sure the table can fit your entire bodily length perfectly, a hanging head, over the edge, could cause you problems. The manual that you’ll receive along with the table, or even a few videos on the internet, can help guide you through adjusting this length.
  3. The last thing to take care of before beginning with your regime on the table, is to adjust the angle of the table. Setting an angle to a slight incline will be much easier to perform for a beginner, with most tables allowing a slight 10 degrees to be adjusted. Trying that before you properly start inverting is a good practice.
  4. Lean into the table, finally, bringing your feet up one at a time, strapping them to the table as comfortably as you can, while being secure enough to hold them in position.
  5. Using the straps, or handles provided at the side of the table, slowly start inverting your body. Being a beginner, getting the hang of this workout will take some time, so go as slowly as you possible can till you get to the desired inclined position.
  6. Once you’re comfortable enough, to properly exercise your spinal cord, raise your arms above your head, stretching it out to the maximum.
  7. You’d usually stay in that position, especially since you’re a beginner, for about a minute or two, only to be brought back to the original position as slowly as you can handle. Once you get used to the regime, you can slowly start increasing time spent being inverted, with a few people even spending fifteen to twenty minutes in that stationary position.

To conclude, protecting your back from sever discomfort, this inversion table will help improve your health in the long run, providing enough benefits to your bones, blood flow, and spinal cord, specifically the important aspects of your body.

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