The Art & Methods of Getting the Best, Productive Rowing Machine Workout

Because you’re here, we have figured something out: you have either bought a brand-new rowing machine or are planning to purchase one soon. Of course, you might have talked to your physician, fitness expert and many other authentic voices. They would have recommended indoor rowing as an effective way of all-your-body workout as well. You know, it’s often used as a way for getting rid of injuries too. For the time being, it is fine to keep your particular need apart and focus on the general aspect of using a rowing machine.


In fact, you need to follow some methodologies for getting the best output from an indoor rowing machine. Despite all the medical benefits, the sole purpose of rowing is fitness and consistent health, right? So, here, we have created a suitable-for-everyone guide for finding the best and productive rowing machine workout. It needs to be noted that most of our advices can be considered as tips, while some have to do with specific workout modes. Shall we start, anyway?

How to workout on rowing machine effectively?

Step #1 Setting the Goals and Purposes of Indoor Rowing

There is a simple yet most important question you need to ask before rowing: what are your rowing for? It can have different answers too. Some of you might be rowing as a regular fitness activity while others would like to retain the feel of rowing on water, without actually going anywhere outside. And, there are some who use rowing as a warm-up session, before you actually move onto the serious gym exercises. Depending on a specific purpose like this, you can decide the optimal indoor rowing workout session.

Once you’ve it in the mind, it’s time to start exploring the different rowing goals from the world. Then, you can choose the rowing machine workout that gives you the expected results. Given that you’re using one of the best indoor rowing machines, you may have some pre-programmed workout sessions in the monitor-cum-dashboard interface. Just keep in mind that indoor rowing is a really versatile form of exercise, and you can be as specific as you’d require.

Step #2 Finding and Setting Up the Best Posture and Comfort Settings

It’s always advised to purchase one of the highest-quality rowing machines from the market — due to many reasons. First of all, these machines offer the best level of comfort, not only while rowing but also while you are simply sitting on the machine. Secondly, they have some security measurements to avoid injuries and all other types of causalities. However, it’s more important to make sure that you use these comfort settings and maintain the best posture.


An effective posture has multiple advantages as far as rowing is concerned. Because you’re sitting without a lot of glitches, you can put all your focus on the rowing process, and nothing else. Also, chances of stumbling across injuries are pretty much low. Also, researches have proven that a well-postured rowing session is very much effective than a random-positioned one. If your machine comes with additional accessories for user’s comfort, make the right use of them.

Step #3 Choosing the Resistance: Start with Low, but Surely Make the Upgrade

Earlier, we talked about the importance of setting and reaching different rowing goals. Obviously, there will be differences depending on the purpose, but some things are same: especially, the thing about Resistance. First of all, you should consider which type of resistance is being used by the equipment. After that, you can consider some experienced users who have been rowing for the same purpose of yours. Then, just before you start rowing, you need to settle down at the perfect rowing resistance.

If you are a beginner, it’s always recommended to start with low resistance. You should reach a comfortable point and then think about upgrading the levels. There is this simple thing to worry about: if you are planning to start everything with the highest level of resistance, the whole experience of indoor rowing with one of these rowing machines may not turn out good. You should try to make your strokes longer instead of making a lot of pulls in the given period of time. This tip has been quite effective in providing awesome results for consistent users.

Step #4 Using Complementary Fitness Programs, Target-Mixing and Friendly Competition

While Indoor Rowing is celebrated as an overall exercise for your body, muscles and more, it’s not the single solution for your fitness roles. That’s why it’s recommended to use various fitness programs simultaneously. There are many fitness activities that have a positive impact on your rowing performance and we can take the example of cycling for instance. It’s completely up to you to choose whether cycling is for warm-up or a dedicated training session itself.

Another effective way to increase the productivity and results of indoor rowing is called Target Mixing. This can be done via different methods. For instance, you can try setting multiple specific modes such as those of resistance and speed. That is, you need to maintain a particular speed even when resistance has been set to the hard level. Selection of these combinations is completely up to you, but what we look for is the final result that matters.

If you are using the rowing machine at a gym or something, you can also try a bit of friendly competition. It’s been quite useful for some experienced rowers. There should be some spirit to boost your inspiration, right?

Some Effective Tips and Wrapping Up

Apart from the proper steps to ensure the best indoor rowing machine workout for you, here are some easy yet effective tips that might help you.

  • You can always use music as a companion while rowing. It’s proven to be an effective booster.
  • Try to optimize the pulling technique according to your purpose and goals that have been set.
  • You should try to focus on your legs than on your hands. It’s how a rowing machine is meant to be.
  • Make sure that you’re sitting upright every single time you spend rowing.

Wrapping up, all these steps and tips have been quite useful for experienced rowers. Of course, they have had different goals and equipment, but the core goals have been somewhat same. We hope this brief guide helps you to get the maximum productivity out of your rowing machine workouts.


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