How To Set Your Fitness Goals Effectively And How To Achieve Them?

fitness-goalsEach individual that you observe working at the gym has a particular set of goals that he or she would like to achieve, be it a specific number on the weighing scale, or maybe a freer feeling in their lungs when climbing the stairs. Perhaps these individuals are simply there to be able enough to finish a marathon. Whichever you choose to follow, a fitness goal is your motivator to keep going, keep pushing through.

An average individual though, the same person who told you it simply doesn’t work, goes to the gym high on adrenaline ready to lose weight, or gain muscle, whichever in his goal, and starts to attack the equipment with zero knowledge on the workout regime itself, as well as the proper routine and diet that need to be established. After a few weeks, not knowing when it is that you start to observe these changes, this individual starts to get frustrated, having hoped for faster results.

To understand the two ideas presented above, and the difference, you need to understand just what a goal is. It’s not simply a phrase that you attach to the wall while you perform the first answer that you receive. There’s more to a goal than a problem and a solution. The textbook definition suggests it’s the destination to a journey, and most people forget the journey aspect of it. A goal requires you to focus on mapping out this journey, understanding just how you’re going to make it there, and being able to mentally picture the route.

To make it easier to understand how to do such a thing, we’ve decided to provide a few guidelines regarding how you could settle on a fitness goal that will push you to go through with a gym session.

Guidelines To be considered :-

1. No More Resolutions.

resolutionsYou don’t have to wait till the new year to decide to change your health-related routines, i.e. the gyms will be present throughout the year, why not start now? Leaving it to the future will soon enough become a habit you won’t be able to break up at a later date. Once you understand how important starting now is, as well the importance of time passed, simply packing your bags and heading to the gym will become as easy as possible.

2. Define your goal.

What is it that you genuinely want to achieve? If it’s losing weight, how much? Quantify your goals, make sure you can keep track of your improvements to see just how well you’re doing. This will keep you motivated enough to keep going through with the routine. A better way to explain this is to compartmentalise it into three certain parts of the goal:

  • Keep a measurable goal, as mentioned before, so that you’re aware of, for example, how much weight you’d like to lose. Therefore, as an example, your goal could be set to losing 6 pounds in the coming month.
  • Keep an achievable goal, you can’t expect yourself to be able to lose up to 30 pounds in a month. You shouldn’t even expect that of yourself.
  • Keep a deadline on your goal, don’t simple expect yourself to lose 6 pounds, for example, in the next couple of months. The vaguer you are, the less likely you are to actually see any change.

3. Be aware of your shortcomings.

Here we mean understand them and be consciously aware of your weaknesses towards ice cream and hot chocolate. Once you’re more aware of what you’re doing wrong, you’re less likely to forgetfully practice any of it, feeling a brush of righteousness when you even think about indulging yourself with any of those junk foods.

4. Broadcast your goal.

The more people that are aware of your goal, the less likely you are to back off last minute. Additionally, you are more likely to be casually policed when you’re with them, their constant disappointment making you reluctant to follow through with your desires.

5. Small Achievements

Small Achievements

When you start working out initially, the small steps that you take will feel like the most important ones. Simply walking yourself to the gym will feel like a task, but if you go through with it, earning an amazing body as well as a healthy mind might just be the next best thing that has ever happened to you.
To conclude, yes, it is very difficult to keep up with your fitness goals in mind, but if you simply do not provide importance to it. Once you make it a large focus of your life, it becomes easier to pay attention to it, as well as motivate yourself to keep up with it. Being healthy and losing weight, once you understand this concept, will be the easiest task.

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