Different Types of Elliptical Machines and Their Advantages

It’s often said that choice is often a boon and curse at the same time. Let’s take the case of fitness machines, for instance. What happens if there are only a few products in the market. You wouldn’t have many troubles when it comes to picking a product, right? You’d rush into a store, pick something up and go back home. At the same time, the chances of getting fooled are also high, don’t you think? On the other hand, if you have a lot of fitness machines to choose from, you can have one of the best and suitable equipment — though it’s necessary to spend some time on selection.

Considering the case of elliptical machines, however, things are a bit different. It’s more of a story of picking the right type of elliptical machine for you. For those who don’t know, you can find different types of elliptical trainers in the market, which can be classified based on different criterion. It’s necessary to make sure that you have a machine that suits your goals and requirements. For instance, starters don’t need that high-end machine, which would also cost thousands of dollars. In this article, we have created a guide to the different types of elliptical machines and their advantages. So, with this guide, you’d know which one is to be chosen.

Before We Begin

Just as we just mentioned above, classifying elliptical trainers is a complex task, due to the abundance of products. In the course of time, many features have become so common in these machines; for instance, we can take the case of the digital activity console. Same is the case of foldable and non-foldable designs. So, it is common to consider all these elements as some popular criterion. Still, we’ll be clearing the doubts you’d have regarding the commonest types of classifications and representative product categories.

Division #1 — Major Types of Elliptical Machines

Even before we go into the detailed classifications, elliptical machines can belong to three categories. As it goes without saying, all the three types have their own advantages and disadvantages. With respect to your body part if focus, the right type from the following trio should be chosen. You might even get some weight-loss benefits with any of these machines, but that’s not the actual point, you know. So, as it goes, the three types of elliptical machines are:

  • Elliptical Trainer

The most basic type of elliptical machines, an Elliptical Trainer provides significant impact on lower-body of the user. There will be pedals, which, when you apply force, will create elliptical movements in the long run. On the other hand, the handlebar won’t be mobile; it stays in the same position during the workout, acting as an option for steady posture.

  • Elliptical Cross-Trainer

In this type of machine, equal focus is given to upper-body and lower-body of the one who works out. Unlike the aforementioned one, elliptical cross-trainer machines come with a movable handlebar, which also goes in an elliptical movement when you work out. Here, you can have an extensive level of work-out, putting the focus on your shoulders, legs, joints, upper-back and chest etc.

  • Elliptical Glider

Something a bit different, elliptical gilder follows another method when it comes to the leg movements. The movement is not technically elliptical, but more of up-and-down. There won’t be much of a circular action in the scene. There will be no handlebars and nothing confusing to worry about. Obviously, you will make a bit more impact on the upper-body and not the lower-body.

Division #2 — Foldable Design or Non-Foldable Design

This type of classification is simple, because you can decide based on whether you need portability perks.

  • Foldable Elliptical Machines

These machines are aimed towards ultimate portability. Despite being a full-sized trainer, cross-trainer or a glider, the machine can be minimized into a movable form. There will be some particular areas where you’d be able to cut down total width and length. These machines are useful if you have less space for storage and still wants a complete elliptical training experience.

  • Non-Foldable Elliptical Machines

This type might be more common in the market, due to many reasons. First of all, you can expect some extra performance in such machines, thanks to the sturdy design. Because it has nothing to compromise on design aspect, full care is given for performance. However, you need to dedicate some more space to store it. Also, always make sure that you have at least transport wheels, so that you can at least move in-between rooms.

Division #3 — Different Drive Systems

Different drive systems are used in today’s elliptical machine choices. Each of these drive systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, from the comfort and performance perspectives. Shall we have a look on each of them?

  • Front-Drive Elliptical

In front-drive elliptical machines, you will find the drive system on the front position. In most cases, you can have an experience like that of climbing a staircase. Generally speaking, this set-up is quite sturdy and can be used for intense workouts. This type of elliptical machines tend to be more compact, which is great.

  • Center-Drive Elliptical

As you can guess, the drive system can be spotted on the center position. If you have a small room or space to keep the machine, center-drive is enough. You get a feeling that you’re enclosed and safe inside machine. This type is recommended if you are expecting a quiet work-out.

  • Rear-Drive Elliptical

Obviously, you can find the drive system in the back position. Commonly used for simulating the actions of jogging and walking, rear-drive elliptical trainers are pretty popular too. it’s a hard thing, however, to find a compact version of rear-drive elliptical machine, though.

Summing Up

These are the three major types of elliptical machine classifications. In each, we have mentioned the notable types as well. Given that you know their advantages and disadvantages; it will be an easy task to choose one of the best elliptical trainers for your purpose. By the way, which is the type of elliptical machine that you’d always love to use?


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