What You Should Know Before Buying a Rowing Machine

When you are concerned about your fitness and health, you make a lot of decisions. You might have decided to hit the gymnasium on a daily basis or to go for jogging every day possible. However, if you had been wiser, you would have made a better decision. And, one of those decisions would be to purchase an indoor rowing machine. As you can guess from the name, it’s a machine that lets you simulate the rowing process with all the comforts of your bedroom, or home at least. Indeed, they are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts, and even a friend of yours would have recommended it for you.


The last time we did a check, recommendations were the major reason why most people were buying rowing machines. While there’s nothing wrong if you are following some timely suggestions, there’s another catch. In the world of fitness, there aren’t a number of universal solutions. What works for Sam might be completely useless or ineffective for Jack. In practice, it makes enough sense to know more about a fitness machine before you actually buy it. It doesn’t mean that you should have the technical expertise on the other hand, general overview would suffice.


To make all these simple, we have curated a few things you should know before buying a rowing machine. Don’t think that it’s a typical buying guide. It’s rather a bunch of factors regarding indoor rowing that might have a huge impact on your fitness life and health in the long run. If you still think that rowing machine is an effective choice for you — that is, even after pondering over these factors —, you can go ahead and purchase one of the best rowing machines from the market. You know, currently, we have better choices with more and more functionalities.

Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Rowing Machine

#1 Rowing Machine is a Simulation, but Something Better

There’s a reason why these machines are called rowing machines. You are actually imitating the same action that you need for rowing on water. You can understand that obviously if you have been following the world of rowing competitions and all. Because of this, there are two kinds of people who purchase indoor rowing machines. First, there are professional rowers who need an extra warm-up session at the comfort of homes or bedrooms. They don’t do it for real-life practice, but enhancing the body-level expertise. Second, you can find fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an effective fitness activity. In case we didn’t mention, Rowing is considered an all-body exercise that can enhance the flexibility of your muscles, legs and a lot more. When it comes to a machine, there are better options to enhance the results. Also, you have better comfort than using a real-life rowing scenario. It does not matter where you belong, but choosing an effective rowing machine is necessary. Otherwise, you might end up having some injuries and all.

#2 There are Different Types of Rowing Machines It Makes Sense to Choose Well

You probably knew this, but a further explanation would be really helpful in choosing the best equipment to get the best results. The major type of classification is based on the type of resistance being used. For now, we can take a look at Air Resistance, Magnetic Resistance and Hydraulic Resistance. While the choice is truly personal, there are certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • In Air Resistance machines, you can feel the gradual amount of resistance as you are rowing faster. This is good if you are looking for a more real simulation in the machine. It can be a bit noisy.
  • In Magnetic Resistance Machines, you have powerful resistance levels and the benefits of storage & compactness. Being completely silent upon operation, it’s suitable for almost all home-based needs.
  • Hydraulic Resistance rowing machines are noted for their simple design and inexpensive rates. That having said, it’s a matter of doubt whether you’ll have the right amount of control and performance that you’re looking for.

Depending on the specific requirement — whether you want to listen to the water-sound of rowing or if you want a completely silent operation —, you can make the right choice from the many options in market.

#3 It’s Your Choice Between Comfort and Price Tag

We know that you cannot completely ignore the price tag. It does not mean that you should not make some worthy changes. One of those optimizations is to make your call between inexpensiveness and comfort. Of course, if you want to save a few more dollars, you can have an affordable machine from the local store — probably from an unknown brand. In that case, however, there is no assurance of comfort, performance and even the quality of build. We have seen many user cases who managed to save some money by going for a not-so-popular brand, and thus received an unexpected blow: lack of comfort and performance issues. If you ask us, we believe that lack of comfort is the bigger problem, as it would be a counter-action if you’re rowing for rehabilitation purposes. Cut the story short and we’d recommend going for a relatively expensive indoor rowing machine from a trusted brand.

#4 Consistency and Complementing

If you are expecting 100% efficiency from a rowing machine, you should understand the extract of these two terms — consistency and complementing. Consistency while rowing is quite important, because the lack of it can cause a lot of issue. Instead of setting up short-term goals, you should go for long-term ones that make you stick onto the schedule for a month or so. In the course of the time, you can gradually increase resistance and other aspects to optimize performance.

While no one would disagree regarding the effectiveness of indoor rowing, it’s not enough for maintaining a healthy life. You should combine it with the many other types of exercises you find in the gym. It’s cool if you can try something like biking and running in case of the injured, there will also be some not-so-tougher fitness models. In any case, we don’t recommend going solo with indoor rowing workout sessions. It’s not only ineffective but also unhealthy.

We believe you now have a clear idea about purchasing a rowing machine. If you still think that you can actually fulfill all your fitness requirements using such a machine, you can go ahead and purchase one. And, when you do, pay some attention to the brands and specs, you know.


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