Best Hiking Boots for Men – Recommended Best Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are essential if you are someone who chooses to be on the trail to stay fit. Comfort and performance outweigh all other facts when it comes to choosing the right pair of hiking boots.

We have put together what we feel are the best five hiking boots that offer nothing but the very best for the most ardent of hikers.

Best Hiking Boots for Men – The Winners!!

We purchased our own boots off the shelves instead of obtaining them from manufacturers to ensure we get the same products as you do.

Hiking Boot Reviews 2023 – Top End Picks!
Best Hiking Boots for Men

We put these boots through rigorous testing and once we finish our testing, we donate the boots to charities and non-profit organizations. We’ve made sure our shortlisted products work well for both casual backpacking trips as well as hardcore hiking that may involve rough terrain and heavy lifting.

#1 Scarpa R-Evolution GTX

Italian company Scarpa has been delivering high-quality gear for many years now and one product that stands out when it comes to offering nothing but the very best is the Scarpa R-Evolution GTX. The trail performance and the comfort are unparalleled and during our testing phase, we were thoroughly impressed by the level of support and stability that the boots offered.

The upper body material of the Scarpa R-Evolution GTX is quite stretchy and is filled with memory foam, allowing the boots to offer a snug fit. The laces can be tightened quite a bit without offering the pinching feeling that most other boots do. It is a mid-weight boot that does it all and we definitely had to make this pick when it comes to comfortable hiking.

The Scarpa R-Evolution GTX boots have very high-end aesthetics and the performance lives up to our expectations too. The interior lining is very well done and the boots are still in shape despite rigorous testing on rough terrain. The laces are very easy to tighten and the high-quality stitching keeps the boots intact. Despite several days of intense testing, our boots are intact with no signs of wear and tear.

The highlight feature of the Scarpa R-Evolution GTX boots has to be the DWR waterproofing. We have been extremely impressed by how well the boots hold up against rain without breaking a sweat. We had high expectations from these boots and they did not fail to deliver. The Schoeller fabric with its zero material bunching design is something we hope to see in future Scarpa boots as well.

At $239, the Scarpa R-Evolution GTX is a mid-range proposition for both ardent hikers and light hikers. The quality technology and combination of features put these Scarpa boots on our list of recommendations and we feel the product is very justly priced.

Why Best

  • Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Tpu toecap for protection


  • High ankle design might not be suitable for all feet types.

#2 Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

Salomon has a lot of experience when it comes to making hiking boots and the Quest 4D 2 GTX shows what years of expertise leads to. It is very well built and its weight is just perfect. It’s not too heavy and not too light. If you are looking for a mid-range pair of hiking boots that has a very nimble sole and a supportive fit then you can’t quite go wrong with these Salomons. The six-inch ankle height makes sure you have the right amount of stability when walking and the performance is simply excellent in our books.

Despite the appearances that might suggest the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots are prone to tear due to the mesh design. The woven nylon mesh holds up extremely well and is very abrasion resistant. Despite days of testing we are extremely pleased with how well the material has been holding up. The stitching in the boot feels very sturdy and it’s definitely something we look for when it comes to boots.

The Contagrip outsoles on the Quest 4D 2 GTX boots by Salomon might seem like a way to cut costs to keep the boots affordable but we have absolutely no complaints at all. Despite the cost-effective nature of the Contagrip technology, we saw no difference between the traction on these boots and higher-end boots that are available in the market. The Gore-Tex liner keeps the boots up and running even in rain and it survived our waterproofing tests with flying colors.

Priced at around $230, the innovative design of the Quest 4D 2 GTX boots compete with some of the best boots in the market when it comes to offering the most value for money. With excellent features and a wide range of possible uses, the versatile pair of boots is really hard to beat for the value it offers at the price.

Why Best

  • Dynamic Cushioning
  • 4d Stability
  • All-Mountain Traction.
  • Sport-Specific Density


  • Feature pool might be too much for casual hikers

#3 Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R Mid GTX

Adidas is one of the leading brands in the sporting apparel and footwear industry and they offer some excellent hiking boots. After careful consideration, we picked the Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R Mid GTX due to the flexible construction that offers top-notch comfort. Do not be deceived by appearances when it comes to these boots, even though they look like tall sneakers they are true hiking boots. The lightweight construction makes it perfect for people who go on day-long hikes. They are quite comfortable and are surprisingly easy to take off.

Adidas has mostly been into running shows and their foray into the hiking boots segment definitely grabbed out attention. The brand definitely lived up to our expectation when it comes to the performance of the Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R Mid GTX boots. The Adidas Torsion Bar that’s included in the boots offers a small lightweight shank for high levels of midfoot support and control without adding any weight to the boots at all. The Formotion technology that Adidas has included in the boots definitely works and we had a blast being able to maintain our velocity even in uneven terrain.

The TRAXION outsole advertised by Adidas was put to the test by us and we feel the technology lives up to the hype. Gripping the trail has never been this easy and we were able to maintain our hiking speeds quite comfortable thanks to how these feature rich boots have been able to offer high levels of stability. The speed lacing mechanism of the boots actually works quite well and we have had these boots fitting snugly all day long without any signs of loosening up with usage.

The Terrex Swift R boots are priced at around $150 and they are definitely worth considering if you are new to hiking. Being able to get a wide range of features without breaking the bank and the lightweight design of the boots makes this offering a very worthy proposition.

Why Best

  • Gore-Tex extended comfort footwear
  • Adiprene insert midsole for comfort and shock absorption
  • Super high traction rubber for optimal grip in wet conditions
  • Synthetic material


  • High ankle options not available

#4 Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

We love how ideal the White Ledge Timberland boots are for the occasional weekend hike. The full-grain waterproof construction makes them extremely comfortable. Despite the seam-sealed designed, the breathability of the boots is impressive, to say the least thanks to the footbed that allows sufficient amounts of air to pass and keep your feet fresh. The paddle tongue and collar are quite soft on the inside and keep your feet protected at all times.

The BSFP (Brake, Support, Flex and Propel) system does its job quite well and the durable rubber outsole feels very sturdy. The tongue on each boot is gusseted to enable better flexibility and comfort for your feet and the boots are designed to respond to natural stepping motion. We feel the standout feature of these boots is the multi-directional lugs that provide incredible amounts of traction and relieves pressure on the feet completely.

The White Ledge boots from Timberland definitely scream quality and it’s all thanks to the right mix of materials, construction, and features. The BSFP system by Timberland has to be the standout feature that makes these boots tick. It allows you to keep debris away from your boots while also providing high amounts of flexibility and comfort.

Despite the wide range of features offered, the White Ledge boots from Timberland cost around $100 and it just can’t get any better for the price. Do not let the low price tag fool you because these boots are definitely packing a punch way above the price tag. With three generations of expertise, Timberland is a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to outdoor gear.

Why Best

  • Hiking boot with oiled-leather finish featuring lace-up vamp and rear pull loop
  • Padded collar
  • Removable dual-density EVA footbed
  • Imported leather construction with rubber sole


  • There are lesser features compared to high-end boots because of the price point

#5 Merrell Men’s Crestbound Gore-Tex

No matter how much we stressed our Merrel Gore-Tex Boots, they simply refused to fatigue our feet down. We have had a blast trying these boots and the resilient soft-foam inside along with the shock pads makes them extremely comfortable. You will always feel perfectly balanced despite the tall soles and there’s plenty of protection thrown in to make sure no matter how hard you run your feet stay comfortable at all times.

The Gore-Tex hiking boots from Merrell are made of imported leather with a strong upper sole. We noticed that the heels of these boots are lower than most other boots we tested and we were skeptical at first about how good the traction would be because of it but our skepticism was shattered by the Uni-Fly impact absorption mechanism built inside. The boots are extremely durable and survived our rigorous testing very handily.

The M-Select Fresh technology offered with these boots allows the boots to naturally eliminate sweat and any odor causing bacteria. We were pleasantly surprised to see how dry the boots stayed despite long periods of hiking. The Vibram lug patterns offer incredible amounts of stability and we loved how the boots perform consistently in both wet and dry conditions.

Priced at around $230 these Crestbound Gore-Tex boots are not only great for hiking, but they also carry a style statement wherever you go. With a ton of features and full-grain leather construction, you can’t go wrong with these boots for hiking purposes.

Why Best

  • Waterproof hiking boot
  • Padded collar with extended tongue
  • Lace-up closure
  • Speed-lace hardware
  • Gore-tex lining


  • Leather construction requires proper maintenance and care

#6 Arc’teryx Bora2 Mid GTX

Arc’teryx transitioned into the footwear market only recently compared to other big brands and it is no surprise that they have their own ingenious manufacturing process and their own style. The Bora2 Mid GTX is the boot that offers you the balance of protection and comfort. Despite the solid all-around protection mechanisms, the boots are quite lightweight and they allow you to enhance your hiking performance.

The traction is extremely good and we were able to test them out on rocky terrain without any trouble at all. The two-piece construction feels very solid and they perform their function admirably. Just like most modern hiking boots, the Bora2 Mid GTX come with Gore-Tex liners to ensure you get the best quality waterproofing. Despite the waterproofing measures, the breathability does not suffer at all and the boots remain comfortable despite hours of usage at one go.

The Bora2 boots offer medium support thanks to the ankle-high design. The boots are highly functional and they also feature a removable liner. At $330, they are definitely not cheap and they appeal to only the most ardent hikers on the planet. If you are looking for boots that are meant to offer you best in class protection then there is little to think about because there are very few boots that can match up to the protection these boots offer.

Why Best

  • Removable two layer design
  • Removable liner
  • Adjustable insulation options
  • Synthetic construction for added waterproofing


  • Priced higher than standard fare, mostly because the feature pool is aimed at seasoned hikers.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots?

When getting hiking boots there are some key considerations you need to make. According to us the most important deciding factors include:

Comfort and Performance: Comfort is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to choosing the right pair of hiking boots. Regardless of whether you are a regular hiker or a casual one, we made sure that these boots fit the needs of any hiker. You want your boots to be lightweight and ergonomic for the best hiking experiences.

Build Quality: High-quality materials are always at the top of our priorities when choosing any product at all and hiking boots are no different. You want your boots to have breathable high-quality materials that allow airflow to your feet at all times. We’ve compiled the five best boots that are lightweight and durable at the same time.

Features: If you want serious all-round performance from your boots then we have you covered. The boots we have shortlisted have everything you can expect from a top-notch pair of hiking boots. Waterproof boots are a must if you are hiking unless you are going to travel to only hot and dry places. Proper lacing, support, and sole traction are just some of the things we considered when we tested our selection of hiking boots.

Pricing: We are completely focused on quality and our reviews always bring you the best products instead of the cheapest ones. Quality out-shines every other factor when it comes to making purchases for us and we carefully choose products that offer the best bang for the buck.

Wrap-up Hiking Boots

It’s definitely not easy for us to choose among these amazing hiking boots, but since we have to choose we want to hand it to the Scarpa Men’s R-evolution Gtx Hiking Boots for the sheer amount of value they offer. It is the epitome of what every pair of hiking boots should be. The classy construction that feels extremely solid and offers best-in-class durability and stability is something we really liked about the R-Evolutions. The Vibram outsoles of the boots are extremely reliable in both wet and dry conditions, something, not all boots can boast about. Despite using the boots rigorously we have been unable to find any flaws at all and we are left incredibly impressed by what these boots have to offer.

And if you want to go with something that’s suitable for entry level buyers then you should go with the Timberland White Ledge Boots. These boots from Timberland just can’t get any better at just $100. They offer incredible value for anyone who is looking to get into hiking. How Timberland have been able to price the product so competitively is beyond us but they have left no stone unturned when it comes to adding the very best of their technology and craftsmanship when it comes to outdoor gear.

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