Best Spin Bikes 2018 – Spinning Bikes Comparisons and Reviews

Spin bikes are some of the most effective cardio machines in existence. Not only do they give you all the cardio benefits of cycling, but they also help to effectively engage your core and push your workouts to the next level.

There are more than 10 Spin bike models being introduced in the market by various companies every quarter and many of them have advanced or innovative features you’ve never heard of. That being said, if you start the workout with any random Spin bike, there are chances that you’ll face injuries such as handlebar palsy, knee pain or patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Best Spin Bikes – Our Top Picks!

We have spent months to research every other Spin bike out there and recommended some of the best Spin bike models which are suitable for everyone.

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Spinning on these bikes effectively prepares you to perform on the road and no other type of indoor cycle can lay claim to this unique advantage. As huge cycling fans, we’ve spent lots of time and effort to prepare a list of the very best spin bikes available today: –

#1 Best Spin Bike: Keiser M3i/M3iX/M3

$1,995.00 $1,999.00
1 new from $1,995.00
1 used from $1,650.00
Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

Despite its price, the Keiser M bikes are consistently at the top of our recommendation lists. You only need to ride these bikes once to know exactly what the fuss is about, although simply looking at one might convince you in itself;
These futuristic bikes were featured in the excellent sci-fi series; Black Mirror and were the only part of the dystopian future that we cared for. The bikes look super cool and will compliment any room.

There’s more to them than just looks though; every M3 bike features a class-leading eddy current system that uses several magnets to provide smooth, quiet and effective resistance. This is complemented by the fact that the bikes are belt-driven as opposed to chain-driven. No wear parts mean that the bikes are virtually maintenance-free.

We could easily fill half a page with all of the Keiser’s M bike features but it should hopefully suffice to say that they’ve got ‘em all. Anything you could wish for in an indoor spin bike is here, expressed at the highest level of quality and reliability. So instead, we’re going to talk about the features the differentiate the three variants we’ve tested: –

M3i: This is the bike in the middle of the line-up and the one we recommend for packing the most bang for the buck. There aren’t inexpensive bikes by any means but we believe the M3i is the best deal of the 3. It features everything that makes the M bikes great and adds in the excellent wireless Bluetooth computer. This helps with tracking workout data and exporting it to your phone/tablet.

M3iX: The latest M bike and the current Keiser flagship. It builds on the lineage of the M bikes and adds on a handlebar pivot system that allows the bars-and your hands- to move in a side to side motion. This simulates taking corners and movements of a real bike when pedaling out of the saddle. Most importantly, it engages your core and lets your burn more calories than you normally would. If you value a real-world, interactive indoor cycling experience, it is worth stepping up to the M3iX.

M3: If you like the idea of saving a couple of hundred bucks off the price of an M3i, the M3 is the same great bike but without the wireless computer and a less-than-ideal seat adjustment system. The old bike has fewer pre-drilled holes to lock the seat height but you can still tighten the seat in between the two presets.

These bikes are built to last and have virtually no competition.

#2 Best Budget Spin Bike: Sunny Health & Fitness Pro

$254.07 $299.00
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Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

Sunny health & fitness continue their tradition of building workout machines of incredible value that cover all of the important bases. The bulk of gimmicks and miscellaneous features is avoided, which helps to slim down the price tag. The fact that you don’t need a big budget to get super fit and healthy is embodied by this bike.

This heavy-duty bike features a 40-pound chromed flywheel that provides a stable platform for the adjustable resistance. There are no jerks or sudden movements and momentum is maintained for a road-like feel.
The resistance knob allows you to change your effort easily and provides enough of a challenge for any user level. Adjustable handlebars can move up or down, provide multiple grip options and are ergonomically designed. You can even prop up a book or tablet in the middle for some entertainment while you spin away. Last but not the least, the leather saddle is padded and comfortable. It is fully adjustable, i.e. it offers fore and aft adjustments apart from the usual up and down.

With a 275-pound maximum user weight limit, the build quality of this bike belies its modest price tag. This is as good deal on a spin bike as one can get.

#3 Spinner Sprint

6 new from $528.50
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Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

This is a bike that’s loved by both the die-hard roadies as well as the spinning aficionados. We fall into the former category and therefore really appreciate the fact that the Q-factor of the pedals is optimized to match that of most road bikes. Now, if you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry, you can still take advantage of the Spinner Sprint’s capabilities. It’s easy on your knees on account of the angle your leg sits on when pedaling.

The term ‘Spin bikes’ and ‘spinner’ are often used interchangeably. This is testament to the fact that most spin classes/studios will feature some variant of this bike. They’re all very good but the Sprint is extra special. Here’s why: –

Even though this bike is intended for home use, its designed with commercial-grade durability. An extra heavy flywheel maintains inertia for a road-going feel and doesn’t feel sedate like some other bikes. While multi-adjustable handlebars are a good thing to have, the Sprint’s fixed handlebars are raised at a 5-degree angle for supreme stability and great ergonomics.

Overall, we can confidently say that this feels the same to ride as most commercial grade bikes while costing a lot less and that makes it very easy to recommend.

#4 Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus

4 used from $800.00
Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

Yes, this thing is pricey, but just like the Keiser bikes, it is worth the money. The A.C. stands for ‘Authentic Cycling’ and really, we could end our review there.
If you’re like us, you get excited at the thought of a stationary cycle that mimics the feel of the real thing. If not, we can assure you that the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus is still a very, very capable indoor spin bike.

The bike’s frame is all-aluminum and has been constructed by Giant. Giant bicycles are one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world and that fact is reflected in how the frame fits you as a road bike would. Aluminum is, of course, rust-free and significantly lighter than steel.

The braking system uses six magnets to provide smooth and consistent resistance. Apart from making very little noise, this eliminates wear. Coupled with the belt drive system, this unit requires very little in the way of maintenance.
Speaking of which, the bike uses a Carbon Blue belt drive that is not only smooth and quiet but also provides an authentic outdoor ride feel.

The excellent ErgoLoop handlebars with aero extensions are our favorite feature on this bike. Very few bikes offer this level of variation when it comes to hand positions. The 12-degree incline enables many different riding positions and offer superior comfort. The aero bars are extremely useful for triathletes and time-trial competitors.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior roadie that wants to stay in shape over the winter or just someone looking for a top-flight indoor bike, The A.C. Performance Plus will not let you down.

#5 Spinner S1

Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

The Spinner S1 is a toned-down, compact version of the Sprint we reviewed earlier. If you like the idea of owning an authentic Spinning product but don’t want to spend the Sprint’s asking price, the S1 could just be the ticket.

The S1 features easily adjustable non-slip handlebars, a wide padded saddle (also adjustable) and a water bottle holder. That covers all the basics. Moving on the drivetrain, the S1 uses a weighted flywheel that creates momentum and keeps the pedals spinning. The best way to describe this is that it feels somewhat like a fixie feels to ride. This ensures a fluid pedal stroke and reduces impact on the joints.

This is a very nice bike for the money and like all Spinners, it comes with four workout DVDs.

#6 Sole Fitness SB700

1 new from $1,399.98
Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

This best-selling spin bike symbolizes a meeting of two worlds. It is designed to feel equally at home to an outdoor cyclist training to complement their riding, as well as the indoor cyclist who just wants a great workout.

At the heart of the bike is an extra heavy 48-pound flywheel that helps provide smooth and predictable resistance. Multiple seats and handlebar adjustments, adjustable resistance, integrated backlit LCD computer with support for heart rate chest straps… The Sole Fitness SB700 has it all. The saddle and ride position is particularly good for long, endurance-type training that requires spending a lot of time on the bike.

If you want an extremely well-made bike that’s built to last, you could do a lot worse than getting yourself one of these.

#7 Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

$129.99 $199.99
10 new from $129.99
1 used from $110.49
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Last update was in: August 16, 2018 9:03 pm

While not a spin bike in the strictest sense of the term, the Marcy Foldable exercise bike is ideal for someone who wants a fully-functional indoor cycle for a very affordable price.

This bike folds to fit in a small footprint, has eight levels of adjustable resistance, and an easy to read screen that offers basic workout information and is constructed reasonably well considering the price. We pride ourselves on only recommending high-quality equipment and have to admit that this Marcy barely makes that grade. The price, however, is proportional to what it offers and makes the benefits of cardio training accessible to just about anyone.

With some reservation, we can recommend the Marcy Foldable Exercise bike for someone who intends to use it occasionally. There’s no other bike at this price range that doesn’t completely suck.

Indoor Cycling Bike versus Other Bike Types

Before we get to the how to let’s look at the why. Why should you choose spin bikes over other types of exercise bikes? Namely, the traditional upright indoor cycles and recumbent bikes:

Upright bikes versus Spin bikes

As the name suggests, upright bicycles offer a, well, upright position. This means that the position is relatively similar to sitting on a chair with your head facing forwards. While this position reduces the pressure on your neck and hands, it increases pressure on the groin area as that is where most of the weight is being supported. As you can imagine, while this may be comfortable for a short period, longer or more intense sessions will see that comfort diminish.

Yes, spin bikes may not feel as natural at first but over time, they can rival the comfort of upright bikes. All that’s needed is a bike that’s set up to the rider’s measurements and the willingness to get used to the new position. The fact that your weight is distributed over the hands as well as your sit bones (the groin area that makes contact with the seat) means that the workload is shared. This prevents any long-term discomfort or numbness once the rider is accustomed. The weak link in the chain for most people is their abdomen and the muscles surrounding it. Just like your hands share the load with your seat, the abdomen shares the load of holding and anchoring your body up with the back. Use your abdomen while riding and suddenly the pressure on the back eases up! This means that spin bikes force you to engage your core, which in turn means that you get a superior workout. If you are someone that rides a road bike outdoors, go the spin bike route with eyes closed, they offer the same fit and feel.

Recumbent bikes versus Spin bikes

While recumbents are the most comfortable bikes out there (the cycling position is like that of a recliner chair), the big question is, is that what you want? I mean, sure, if you’re trying to rehabilitate an injury or if you’re seriously out of shape, but otherwise, we think that most people are served better with a spin bike. This is especially true if you’re in this for the long haul as people that stick to cycling workouts shed the extra pounds quickly. Might as well invest in a high-performance product that improves your road worthiness should you consider riding a bike outdoors at some point.

There are other considerations as well. While pedaling in the reclined position can be good for those with back problems, one may find that they have to pedal with greater effort than they would on a standard bike. This is because it is possible for the glutes (some of the largest muscles available to the legs) not to be engaged sufficiently. As mentioned above, the core is also left out of the equation.

How to Choose the Best Spin Bike?

Depending on personal preferences, some things may be more important than others. Here’s a list of things we look for when rating a bike. We think they go across the boundaries of preference and are essential to a good riding experience:

Fit and adjustability

It doesn’t matter what the bike is; if it doesn’t fit you, neither you nor the bike will be able to perform anywhere close to the optimal level. What you want to look for is as many ways as possible to alter the fit and feel of the bike. At a minimum, the bike must have extensive provision for adjustment of the seat height and the seat fore-aft position. This is the cornerstone of a comfortable ride and essential for avoiding injury via long-term use.

The next thing to look out for is handlebar positions. Modern road bikes offer a minimum of 3 hand positions for comfort and different riding situations. The more options there are, the better. If you are a triathlete or time trial enthusiast, it’s obviously a good idea to have a center bar position that simulates tri bars/skis that will let you train in an aerodynamic position.


Understanding the type of resistance, the bike has to offer is critical to getting a good workout experience.

Older and low-cost bikes tend to use frictional resistance which is essentially a set of brake pads that rub against the flywheel when you dial it in. This offers a preset, constant resistance that has its advantages; the (frictional) resistance is usually hard, felt instantly and the simplicity of the design keeps costs low. The cons, however, outweigh the pros in our opinion. The first con is that that the brakes must eventually be replaced as they wear out. Secondly, friction resistance usually creates a lot of noise.

This is where magnetic resistance comes in. Magnets enable smooth, progressive resistance with minimal noise. This is further complimented by a belt-drive system in high-end bikes, which replaces chain-drive and reduces noise and maintenance even more. You usually also get more levels of resistance to choose from. It is for these reasons that we recommend selecting a bike with magnetic resistance when possible.

Size/Dimensions and overall package

It goes without saying that you must make sure you have enough room before you order a bike! Sometimes we miss the most obvious of things though and so it’s worth reiterating this point. Decide on a spot for your new exercise bike and compare the dimensions with those of the bike. You don’t want to have to move these around once you’ve picked a spot. This is particularly true for higher end bikes that have descended from commercial-grade equipment and can often be very heavy.

Now, when we talk about the overall package, we mean the little things that add up to complete your experience. These are the things that make the difference between a good and a great product.

Connectivity is a big one for cycling products these days and having some smart functionality, with the ability to transfer workout data is a big plus when it comes to tracking your progress and identifying the areas you need to work on. A large, easy to read display scores extra points, as does the ability to track things like heart-rate.

Another thing to look out for is pedals. At the minimum, the bike should have provision for toe straps so that all of your leg muscles are correctly engaged throughout the pedal stroke. For those of you that use cycling shoes/cleats/automatic pedals, you should look for bikes that come with compatible pedals or at least ones support them.

We also really appreciate simple essentials like water bottle holders and high-quality contact points (things like the saddle, handlebar grips etc.).

Advantages of Using Indoor Spin Bikes

You might be wondering why you should be using indoor spin bikes. Obviously, there is the advantage of not having to go outside, to a gym or fitness center. Apart from that, however, Indoor Spin Bikes have offered some other advantages too. You can find them by comparing spin biking — also known as indoor cycling — to the other forms of exercise.

Spin Bikes have Lower Impact on Body

While being one of the most effective methods to stay fit, Spin Bikes don’t affect your body in negative ways. Most importantly, no harm will be done to the body areas such as hips, joints, and ankles. This is a big benefit if you are afraid of the collateral damages when it comes to staying fit through exercises. This is also a reason why spin biking is recommended for people who rehabilitate from orthopedic injuries. For instance, if we’re comparing spin bikes with a treadmill, there won’t be an impact on pounding either. Cutting the long story short, spin bikes cause the least amount of impact on the sensitive part of user’s body. So, it does not matter if you have some serious big pain; you can try some comfortable exercises via a spin bike.

Enables You to Customize the Cycling Process

When compared to the other machines used for fitness, spin bikes offer an additional level of customization. This is something impressive because the cycling process can be hard or simple according to your particular requirements. We already mentioned that the exercise machine does not have a negative impact on your body as far as health is concerned. Keeping it the same, several aspects of the indoor spin bike can be adjusted to avail the best results and comfort. The adjustable things include seat height, foot placement, handlebar and orientation of the seat. We don’t recommend the adjustments unless you are good with spin bikes. It is so because a wrongly-placed spin bike would do more harm than good.

Stress Relief and Weight Loss

Indoor spin biking is considered to be a positive impact in reducing stress and helping you lose weight. As it has been mentioned, you can check out a wide variety of exercise methods using a single spin bike. Almost all of those methods assure you the benefits of weight loss and stress relief. So, if you are too much stressed out while returning home after office, an indoor spin biking session would bring you back to the track. Also, you can add the impact of weight loss as well. If these aren’t enough, spin bikes are good enough for muscle building too. That is, a single spin biking session can offer you multitude of positive impacts. The weight loss is a result of better metabolism, which is a cool thing even if you’re not obese.

It’s Simple and Easy to Manage

It does not matter if you are using a recumbent bike or upright bike. Spin biking is one of the simplest and easy to manage exercises you will find in town. You can simply purchase a bike and place it somewhere in your bedroom. Whenever you think you need exercise — or, when you want that cycling to feel —, you can start the workouts. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a spinning bike that offers the superb level hardware and customization; say, for instance, a better level of resistance. Also, the computer panels provide enough information to keep you updated about your own body. Without much bells and whistles, indoor spin bikes create an awesome exercise environment.

It seems that riders and common people love indoors spin bikes so much. That is why you can find an ongoing popularity for this kind of exercise machines.


We prefer bikes that feel like real/outdoor bikes. This means that bikes with chain drivetrains, progressive resistance and coasting ability score higher than those without.

There you have it; these are the best spin bikes we would buy for ourselves. Go ahead and pick any of them, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed.


  1. I have been hearing about spin classes as a form of cardio. What exactly is a spin class and what will it do for me?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:31 am

      A spin class is a class in which participants are taught in the presence of music to keep them motivated and provides beats to which the moves and stunts are done. An instructor in the spin class is charged with the responsibility of letting the participants know when they adjust the resistance on their bikes and when to change the positions on their bicycles from standing on pedals to sitting and vice versa. There are different workouts that are achieved with the changing position during the class. A spin class makes you fit as it improves your endurance, challenge your heart rate while building your muscles (especially leg muscles). On top of all this, you will be having immense fun. A lot of calories are burnt during this process and your metabolism rate gets improved greatly.

  2. I am planning on going to spin class, is there a specific age limit for the members? Also, will I be able to keep up with the rest of the guys?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:30 am

      There are different facilities that are present in the spin class and each has its own policies regarding age. Above all, it is important to note that whatever your age, you should get a bike that suits you. This means that a bike on which you are comfortable while riding. The main purpose of this policy is to minimize the probability or rather prevent injuries during the classes. However, most spin bikes are for riders of a minimum height of four feet but the length of legs may favor shorter riders.

      The adhering to instructions rather than age is what matters for anyone in the spin class. In case there are kids in the class, they should be in a position to follow instructions and stick to safety rules to avoid accidents. There is a possibility that most kids would want to pedal as fast as they can and this may increase the probability of accidents in case they are unable to control the bikes. Discipline is of utmost importance in the class as some younger kids may follow instructions as compared to their counterparts.

      The youth fitness guidelines should be put into place and the children who are still growing are advised not to climb spin bikes. These are important rules that should be read and explained for people in the spin class to understand before starting the practice.

      When it comes to whether you will be able to keep up or not, the answer entirely depends on you. Spin classes usually progress very fast and have their own lingo. To up your chances of keeping up, try and talk to the instructor before the lessons. He will give you a rundown of how the class is supposed to be. Don’t worry too much about keeping up with time you will learn the ropes.

  3. I am in my fitness, looking to get a little fit am concerned that a spin class seems to need so much energy, can anyone participate in this exercise?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:35 am

      Spin classes usually give people the impression that they are just meant for young people. This assumption could not be more wrong. Spin class is meant for anyone looking to get fit. If you feel out of place working out with young guys, you can easily find a class with people who are 50 and above.

      That said, the aim of a spin class is to give you a thorough workout while having fun so that you can be enticed to keep working out. You can also make it as hard as you wish in case you want to test and improve your endurance. You control everything from the resistance on the bike to the speed. All instructors know how to prepare you for your first workout and walk you through as you progress throughout the exercise. So, yes, the spin class has no gender, age or any other additional restrictions for participants.

  4. I want to join a spin class and I don’t know what to wear. Do I need special shoes to participate in a spin class?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:36 am

      There are shoes specifically made for indoor cycling and these are recommended for use in the spin class. However, sneakers can also work well for you before you can invest in the shoes. The special shoes for indoor cycling help participants to achieve the efficacy of their workouts, therefore, gaining maximum benefits of the workout. In case you don’t know which shoes to go with for spin cycling, your instructors can help you decide.

  5. I am a newbie, what expectations should I have of the spin class? Is it as hard as people make it out to be?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:37 am

      Every spin class is different so it is hard to be exactly sure what to expect. However, in most classes, the instructor has his bike and in positioned at the front of the class. He yells out instructions relating to the speed and resistance of your bike while monitoring everyone. It may all be a little overwhelming at first but this should not make you worried. A spin class instructor takes into consideration your fitness levels before subjecting you to any type of exercise. A spin class is primarily about doing what your body is comfortable with and adjusting the resistance of your bike to that which you are most comfortable with. It is important, however, as a newbie to make your instructor aware so they can advise on where to start your class from. Informing your instructor that you are new makes it easier for them to know the type of bike that suits you best. He will also explain some of the spin class lingoes before you start.

  6. I am a fitness enthusiast who is a bit curious about joining a spin class. But I am wondering, why should I choose it over other group exercises?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:38 am

      A spin class has high-class instructors who are trained to handle participants of the spin class with professionalism while helping them achieve their objectives. The highly energizing music together with visualization that is involved in the spin class make it fun and increase its efficacy to the participants. It is easier for you to keep fit when participating in enjoyable exercises rather than those that seem to force your body into indulging in them.

  7. It has been a while since I stepped foot in a gym or participated in any fitness activity. Will I manage this? How fit should I be in order to participate in a spin class?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:39 am

      There is no limit on fitness for one to join a spin class. Spin classes are open for everyone. This means you are free to join the spin class no matter how long it has been before working out. Getting fit in the class is easy as each participant progresses through according to their own pace. The resistances set on the spinner bikes also depend on the level of fitness of the participants. However, if you are new to working out, take one day at a time to avoid injuring yourself. Also, expect some muscle soreness after the first few classes but this too shall pass since your body will get used to it.

  8. I hear most spin classes require a periodic subscription and some require continuous booking. What happens when I’m unable to attend a class? Do I have to pay for the class?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:41 am

      The spin class has a four-hour cancellation policy. This means that participants should communicate within four hours in their absence for a particular class. This will enable you to avoid paying for the classes that you may not have attended. There are other policies on missing classes including the policy where three consecutively missed classes without communication attract a fine. The purpose of such policies is to promote dedication and consistency of the workouts hence ensuring that maximum benefits are met. But this is not set in stone. Different classes have different policies. Find out before joining.

  9. Apart from the usual cardio workout, what else will I gain by being a spin class participant?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:43 am

      You will be able to lose enough weight as there are many calories burnt during the exercise. There is also the increased metabolism rates that make weight loss a reality. In addition to this, the legs and other body muscles are strengthened by the exercises that are undertaken during the spin class.

      The spin class exercises also give you the perfect body shape and reduce stress. The heart health is boosted as well as joints becoming healthier with the spin class exercises.

  10. As much as spin classes seem to be fun, I am sure they come with some challenges. What are the challenges I am likely to encounter in a spin class?

    • Reply
      Matthew Fredrickson April 24, 2017 at 10:43 am

      If you are a newbie, you might experience pelvic bone pains which may need you to buy medicine before getting used to the exercises. Another drawback is that the upper body may not exercises as much as it should in the spin class.

      In addition to this, some spin classes may be more expensive and this may need you to strain financially to participate in the class.
      However, spinning remains a good cardiovascular workout for people wanting to keep fit.

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