Let’s Debunk Some Common Misconceptions & Myths about Elliptical Trainers

Let’s Debunk Some Common Misconceptions & Myths about Elliptical Trainers

It’s quite interesting to understand how myths are created in the world of consumer-oriented products. The world of fitness equipment isn’t a bit different, either. There happen to be a huge number of myths as well as misconceptions when we consider most kinds of fitness machines. It’s pretty common too, because almost everyone wants a super-quick way to stay fit and lose some weight. However, if you are looking for one truly impactful workout experience, you must not blindly believe in these myths. If you do so, your efforts might go in vain, at least in the long run. Today, however, we’re considering some elliptical machine myths.

Elliptical Machines, quite popular among all sorts of fitness enthusiasts, are said to be somewhat easy. Due to this factor, you can find many myths and misconceptions regarding elliptical training and elliptical trainer machines. Through this article, we’d like to debunk some of such major misconceptions and myths about an elliptical workout. Some of the myths can have minute impact, but as far as your health and fitness stay as primary concerns, debunking these myths is a matter of life. After reading this section, you will also have an even healthier idea about elliptical trainers.

Myth #1 All Elliptical Trainers Are the Same and Offer the Same

What does really an elliptical machine offer is another matter of debate, and let’s keep it aside. For the time being, let’s debunk the long-celebrated myth that all elliptical trainers are the same and any product would give you the same result. Even as elliptical trainers, these machines can be classified into three major types — standard elliptical trainers, advanced cross-trainers and elliptical gliders. While the first one lets you have an impactful elliptical workout on lower-body, the cross-trainer elliptical offers lower body and upper-body workouts.

So, if you are planning to improve your upper-body, there is no point in purchasing elliptical trainer and you should better go for a cross-trainer. Elliptical machines can further be classified too, based on many aspects like design, drive-system and portability. The crux you need to understand is simple: if you’d like the best output in terms of performance, you should choose the most appropriate machine for you. So, the next time someone says you can go and purchase any elliptical machines, take a second and ignore them. You’ve an immense variety of machines to choose from.

Myth #2 Elliptical Training Can Be Monotonous and Boring

This myth can arise due to two possible reasons. First, the person is an utter newbie to the world of elliptical machines and he/she doesn’t know how the machine works. Second, the user isn’t able to use even the in-built features of an elliptical trainer. In fact, almost every machine comes with multiple options for creating an awesome workout schedule for you. It would include different types of simulations, at different paces as well as times. If you can make sure that you use them, none of your elliptical machines will be monotonous, or boring for that matter.

It can, at the same time, be less boring too. To make this happen, you need to use the versatile features via the control panel. As we just said, there will be different types of pre-programmed workouts, which do focus on different parts of your body. Similarly, if you have somewhat a high-end elliptical machine, there would be a few entertainment features too. If you think the variety of workouts isn’t making you active, you should try some multi-tasking. You can even watch your favorite TV Show or News episodes when you are working out on the machines.

Myth #3 Elliptical Machines Cannot Burn Much Calories to Keep You Fit

This is another misconception, especially promoted by those who think that elliptical workouts are meant to be simple and non-impactful. This is basically because people are sticking onto a particular type of exercise. You are not going to burn much calories if you are doing the elliptical workout at the same pace and in the same mode. There should be machine-level optimizations if you are looking for the best results. Also, it’s an often recommended thing to shift your workout mode; you can at least try moving the pedals backwards.

Secondly, fat burning isn’t the only thing you can do using an elliptical trainer. As said earlier, you can follow the different pre-programmed workouts from the control panel. Depending on the purpose and individual fitness data the machine has, different kinds of simulations will be rendered. Sometimes, you will get a kind a hill-climbing feel whereas some other modes offer jogging simulation. In all the cases, you don’t have to face the issues of pounding or joint issues. That is, without taking much risk, you can have the best ways to get fit and stay fit.

Myth #4 Elliptical Training Isn’t for Everyone

It’s perhaps the most ironic myth in the entire world of fitness. Combining both our personal experience and experts’ opinions, elliptical trainer is the most effective universal fitness task you can go for. It needs to be noted that we are comparing this to the possibly-dangerous stuff like jogging, treadmill, running etc. On the other hand, when you are working on an elliptical machine, you have a better level of safety and stability. In case if you are still doubtful, your legs are placed on sturdy pedals and there are no chances of bumping or bad steps. These things are good, from the safety point of view.

It would also be clear to you, by now, that elliptical training requires no technical knowledge or assistance per se. You just have to be on top of the machine, select the suitable type of workout and start working out in the way you like. It’s also recommended to have a proper schedule for workout, especially if you have a few fitness-oriented goals. Despite all these possibly advanced stuff, anyone can get the best output from an elliptical trainer.

Getting rid of these myths and debunking them are as important as regularly using the best elliptical trainer. We hope this helps you to have a clearer idea about these machines and to move forward with some more productive workouts.

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