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How to Use an Inversion Table for Back Pain

Back pain is becoming a common health issue irrespective of age and sex. Moreover, it’s because of our day to day working process which has made us quite sick and the main disorder that we face relates to the back pain. Looking forward to a permanent solution to this disorder is never possible. But with the use of an inversion table, it can be managed well and better to recover back with a perfect shape. Generally, the table is just a medium but the major thing that is taken into consideration is the Yogic science which includes inversion as a regularized practice for relieving stress.

Apart from that, it is also responsible to elongate spine and assist with a proper blood circulation system. Many people don’t get the chance to do it normally as might be because of their weight or any other factor. For that reason, there is need of an inversion table which is managed in a desired manner. This further is going to help with stretching or performing exercises without any pressure being placed on the spine. This is just simply hanging upside down and relaxing always.

The inversion table is one of the best products which are going to provide with the perfect way for getting better health condition in the back pain. The exercise over this table is to stretch or perform exercises without placing any pressure being placed on the spine. This is quite simple with hanging upside down and relaxing is always a great option.

Let’s have a look at the step by step process of inversion table used for back pain:

1. Adjust inversion table to your height with the hands resting comfortably on the bed of the table and not hanging over to the edges. Then it is necessary to go with reading the directions carefully when you need to adjust the table as there are different kinds of mechanics involved in the process.

2. As per your convenience set the degree to bend the inversion table. For the beginners, it is necessary that you stand the board at least level and that must be just 90 degrees and not complete 180 degrees. The inclining of the table must be done gradually as per your convenience with being upside down. These inversion tables come with a safety strap which will allow you to choose with inversion degree with adjusting the strap to your particular preferences.

3. You can stand against the table and place your feet on the footrest of the inversion table. Further can then follow your table’s directions for securing your feet. Then can lean back to rotate the table to invert. Later need to hold on to the handles if applicable move slowly rather with the dropping back quickly.

4. In the Next step, you can breathe deeply by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Later can hang upside down and relax. Then stay inverted for as long as you feel comfortable. For the beginners, you can find it disconcerting to be upside down at first. Consider inverting for just two or three minutes to start and gradually work your way up to 10 to 20 minutes as you become more comfortable.

5. Try to stretch your back while you are over the inversion table. Then help your abdominal muscles and slide the shoulder blades down to your back. Next, reach your hands towards the ground behind your head. This posture will your arms straight and your spine is elongated. Hold the stretch for as long as you feel comfortable with aiming for at least 60 second maximum.

6. This process with help you strengthen your abs by performing crunches further in the inverted posture. Then place your hands behind your head with the elbow pointing out to the sides. Later pull the abdominal muscles in towards the spine and slide the shoulder blade down the back.

7. Next lift your head, shoulders, and upper back up off the table. You are surely then going to feel a contraction in your abs. later hold the lift for one count and again return back to the starting position. Try to repeat these three sets with performing 12 to 15 crunches.

8. Then next pull yourself with the handles when you get ready to return to an upright position. Try to rotate slowly to avoid feeling dizzy. Unlock your foot with resting and stepping out of the inversion table.

How is the inversion table helpful:

An inversion table is beneficial for people who have severe back pains. Using this table is going to help regain the muscular flexibility and even is going to help with activating the nerve cells easily. This is even recommended for people having pain at the lower level of feet as this is going to help with relieving spinal pressure and does affect the blood pressure as well. But for those who are suffering from glaucoma or are pregnant need to avoid using this and consult doctors before using the table.

Useful Tip:

The most important thing one needs to remember is, using this inversion table can be risky for people who are old aged and do have heavyweight. In this table, there is need of adjustment before using as the adjustment is one of the biggest priorities of performing exercise over the table.

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